Thank you for your interest in Storm-Lock Tile Fastener products. These types of systems have been used for over 80 years to fasten any type of roofing tile, to any type of roof deck and to any slope. Extra tiles or boosters, mortar, staggered exposures, headlaps and other types of roof tile installation designs can be achieved using this multipurpose roof tile fastening system. Detailed information and actual product application photos can be viewed within the product sections above or by clicking on the images. Our product brochure, cut sheets and ICC-ESR Report are available for download.

Storm-Lock Tile Fasteners (Formerly Newport Tile Fasteners LLC) newly formed in 2014 from a core group of personnel with decades of experience in the field of manufacturing, estimating, technical support, sales and distribution of mechanical roof tile fastening systems and accessories. Katherine Hickey, Matt Bredeweg, and Martin Lopez combine for almost 60 years of knowledge to help you the Architect, Specifier, Supplier, Roofer, and Contractor get the system or accessory you need for your clay or concrete roof tile installation. Whether your roof deck is plywood, OSB, metal, or concrete Storm-Lock Tile Fasteners has a variety of wire tie fastening systems & accessories to get the job done right.

Traditional fastening methods can leave 200+ penetrations in a 10' x 10' roof area. To extend the life of your tile roof by greatly reducing the penetrations in the chosen underlayment use a Tyle-Tye® Hurricane Strap System, Tyle-Tye® Twisted Wire, or Riness Tile-Tie® System. With these fastening methods the only puncture of the membrane is at the anchoring points. These anchoring points are sealed in the appropriate roofing mastic. STORM-LOCK Tyle-Tye®Systems are in compliance with IBC and IRC. On average Storm-Lock Systems can reduce penetrations in the roof deck and underlayment by up to 85%. They have been used on homes, K-12 schools, universities, government, and commercial buildings for over 80 years and are proven to help prevent damage from high winds and seismic activity.

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