Tyle-Tye® Hurricane Clips

Also known as "hurricane clips, side clips or wind clips", the TYLE-TYE® Hurricane Clip is a strap-type locking device for the side edge of several types of roofing tiles. It provides maximum holding power when used in conjunction with TYLE-TYE® Wind Lock Nose Hooks and one of the other STORM-LOCK Tyle-Tye®Systems. Tyle-Tye® Hurricane Clips are suitable for most profiles of clay and concrete roof tiles. Advantages of the Tyle-Tye® Hurricane Clip include excellent holding power and invisibility of the part after installation. Tyle-Tye® Hurricane Side Clips are approved for all slopes. Tyle-Tye® Hurricane Clips are manufactured from 1/2" (13mm) x 18 gauge Electro-galvanized Steel or 1/2" (13mm) x 18 gauge type 304 series Stainless Steel. 1/2" x 18 gauge brass is available upon special request.

(For further information, see downloads for Tyle-Tye® Hurricane Clip specifications.)

IAPMO ES - Evaluation Report  444
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Tyle-Tye® hurricane clip
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