Riness Tile-Tie® System

Use of the RINESS TILE-TIE® (Single-Line) System as directed, results in a minimally penetrated membrane while the Riness® Tile-Ties interlock the tiles together to resist wind damage, earthquake damage, or shifting of tile from other causes.

The Riness® Tile-Tie system consists of a series of interconnecting preformed wire ties through the holes of the tile to provide a continuous anchorage against sliding off. Riness® Tile-Tie is anchored to the deck using either the Tyle-Tye® U-Nails, roofing nails or the Double Plate Anchor method. Besides being anchored at the eave and ridge, the Riness® Tile-Tie is anchored at 5 foot intervals as required to prevent stress on the individual fasteners. For added protection and in designated high-wind areas and seismic zones, use the appropriate size Tyle-Tye® Wind Lock Nose Hook for the cover portion of all tiles or minimum of the first three courses from the eave up.
(For further information, see downloads for Riness Tile-TieĻ System specifications.)
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Riness Tile-Tie (single-line) system
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