Tyle-Tye® Twisted Wire System
Tyle-Tye® Twisted Wire system
TYLE-TYE® Twisted Wire is a continuous element of twisted wire that is attached by means of a Tyle-Tye® Deck Anchor or Double Plate Anchor to the roof deck through the chosen underlayment. The continuous element consists of two wires twisted together with a loop or eyelet approximately every six (6) inches. The loops or eyelets in the twisted wire are used to accommodate whichever wire is selected to fasten individual roof tiles.

A loop in the Tyle-Tye® Twisted Wire is slipped down over the stems of the Tyle-Tye® Deck Anchor, and the two stem elements are then bent apart to engage the Twisted Wire loop to prevent it from slipping off. The Double Plate Anchor system can also be used to fasten the Tyle-Tye® Twisted Wire to the roof deck.

Individual roof tiles are tied into the loops of the Tyle-Tye® Twisted Wire by means of a Tie Wire or Tie Rod of similar metal. Besides being anchored at eave and ridge, the Tyle-Tye® Twisted Wire system is anchored at 5 foot intervals as required to avoid overstressing any one anchor point.

(For further information, see downloads for Tyle-Tye® Twisted Wire specifications.)

Tyle-Tye® Twisted Wire application

IAPMO ES - Evaluation Report  444
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