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STORM-LOCK Installation Tip

Use like metals for the entire system to prevent electrolysis. Use stainless steel tie wires and stainless steel, stainless anchors for stainless steel systems. Use copper tie wires and brass anchors for copper systems. Use galvanized steel tie wires and galvanized steel anchors for galvanized steel systems. For installation to steel decks use galvanized steel or stainless steel fastening systems. For installation to concrete decks, use stainless steel fastening systems and stainless steel compression spikes. When using copper or brass fastening systems, use copper, brass or stainless steel fasteners. When attaching to steel decks, use stainless steel or carbon steel selfdrilling screws.

roof tile nails and screws
Copper and Stainless
Steel Roofing Nails,
Screws for Roof Tile
& Tyle-Tye® Systems
roof tile copper and ss nails and screws
Complete Brochure (4 pages) 1.5 MB STORM-LOCK Tile Fasteners Brochure


Page 2
Tyle-Tye® Hurricane Strap System
Tyle-Tye® Twisted Wire System

Page 3
Riness Tile-Tie® System
Tyle-Tye® Tile Nail

Page 4
Tyle-Tye® Wind Lock Nose Hooks
Tyle-Tye® Hurricane Clips

Cut Sheets
Specifications, Recommendations and Applications
STORM-LOCK Tile Fasteners specification cut sheets
Tyle-Tye® Hurricane Strap System
Tyle-Tye® Tile Nail
Tyle-Tye® Twisted Wire System
Tyle-Tye® Wind Lock Nose Hooks
Tyle-Tye® Hurricane Clips

Riness Tile-Tie® System

. . . IAPMO ES - Evaluation Report  444
IAPMO ES - Evaluation Report #444

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