Tyle-Tye® Wind Lock Nose Hooks

Also known as "Tile Locks or Butt Hooks", Nose Hooks are for use with clay and concrete roofing tiles to all slopes. They provide a locking device for the butt edge of each cover tile. TYLE-TYE® Wind Lock Nose Hooks achieve greater holding power and are used in high wind designated areas. Tyle-Tye® Wind Lock Nose Hooks are compatible with all methods of tile attachment and are recommended for all roof tiles installed at slopes 7:12 or greater. Available in a squared configuration designed to better fit all different roof tile profiles tightly. Manufactured from type 304 series (.090" dia., 2.3mm) Stainless Steel or 11 gauge (.120" dia, 3mm) Electro-galvanized Steel 10 ga. Brass is available by special request.

(For further information, see downloads for Tyle-Tye® Wind Lock Nose Hook specifications.)

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IAPMO ES - Evaluation Report  444

tyle-tye wind lock nose hooks

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