Tyle-Tye® Tile Nail
Tyle-Tye® Tile Nail
The TYLE-TYE® Tile Nail System is a unique fastener used in the cover portion of clay 2-pc Mission, clay "S" or most concrete tiles that incorporates a Nose Hook
and a nail in one fastener. The Tyle-Tye® Tile Nail eliminates breakage because the nail is away from the tile. They are approved to slopes of 2 1/2:12 to 24:12 and are particularly suited to mansard applications.

The Tyle-Tye® Tile Nail outperforms any direct deck nailed roof tile by securing the tile at two points with one fastener. A Tyle-Tye® Wind Lock Nose Hook is incorporated into the front part of the Tyle-Tye® Tile Nail holding the butt end of the next tile, while the shaft is slipped into the hole of the head end of roof tile being nailed. The uplift forces acting upon the butt end of the tile will continue to drive the nail portion of the fastener deeper into the deck. In addition the Tyle-Tye® Tile Nail prevents accidental fractures and/or breaks of the tile because the hammer always swings away from the clay or concrete tile.

Tyle-Tye® Tile Nails are available with or without a Nose Hook. When specifying Tyle-Tye® Tile Nails with Nose Hook, specify 3" or 4" head lap for clay "S" and 2-pc mission. Also available for some concrete tiles laid with a 3" head lap. (Check with factory for fastener compatibility)

(For further information, see downloads for Tyle-Tye® Tile Nail specifications.)

Tyle-Tye® Tile Nail

IAPMO ES - Evaluation Report  444
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